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As humans we are constantly seeking new, intriguing, and stimulating locations to explore, travel and, experience. Flourish aims to capture those moments we treasure; the bright colours, the tastes we remember, and most importantly the time spent thriving within that place. We want to capture not only the sensual elements of a location, but also its underlying struggles, and those who have met and overcome the challenges of sustainability. Those who live from the land, create from the land, are protecting and flourishing with the nature surrounding them. In recent years, photographic magazines have started to blur the lines between books and throwaway publications. Flourish is a magazine with stability, acting either as a visual map for your mind, a great piece of reading material for your rucksack, or some inspiration to enjoy with your morning coffee.

Flourish will remind you that life is an experience, to capture those moments from lives you cross paths with, to think more about what surrounds us in the landscapes you gaze at, and to speculate more on your next adventure. Volume 1: A Snippet of Asia consists of three main sections; Japan, Indonesia, and the UK - all of which contain subsections including different locations, food stories, lifestyle tips, travel guidance, individuals stories, nature adventures, and outdoor exploration. The last part of volume 1 Flourish brings Asia back to the UK, all of which is displayed in photo essay format. Volume 2: The British Isles brings the notion of travel back to our roots, exploring the land we call home. It is here that we showcase a snippet of the British Isles, travelling from the Isle of Skye down to Dorset, stopping along the way to explore main land Britain and its surrounding islands.

Size: 210X275mm / 120 Pages


Magazines - £10 each


Can be bought on

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