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Flourish is a Travel & Lifestyle magazine based in Bath, UK. Flourish is a visual map for your mind, must-have reading material for your rucksack, and inspiration to enjoy over your morning coffee. It focuses on the way we thrive in a particular place, community, and culture, as well as on sustainability and getting outdoors.


The title, Flourish, is taken from the definition: Flourish - “(of a living organism) grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment.”


Thrive is a non-invasive health publication, focusing on the creative side of healthy living through social, cultural, and active lifestyles. Thrive takes a deep-dive into healthy lifestyles, looking at personal stories from passionate individuals and the thriving and adventurous health industry.


Thrive is for those seeking healthy living in all its forms, and aims to inspire new, adventurous ideas for people already interested in health and lifestyle publications. 

Boots tracks and biscuits

Boots, Tracks & Biscuits is a photographic publication, presented in a cloth hardback cover both authored and hand-bound by Lucy-Jane Saunders, with a screen printed title. The book contains a series of 29 photographs + archival stamps, with an introduction written by Lucy and an afterword written by British photographer and producer of Empire, Jon Tonks. 

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